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Brent Webb is an acclaimed mind power expert and spiritual teacher, and has headlined his own programs at hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, and colleges, and has created seminars and training programs for Fortune 500 corporations including Google, Ford Motor Company, Nabisco, and Hilton Hotels.

Brent has worked with superstars like Joan Rivers, Chaka Khan, Sia, Dionne Warwick, Dolly Parton, and Kenny Rogers, and has appeared twice at The White House.

He teaches people how to understand the hidden abilities they posses to do more, be more, and have more in every area of their life, from finances to relationships, it all starts with the mindset.

For more than two decades, Webb has focused his entire agenda around helping people create lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships, and spiritual awareness, and is internationally known for his inspirational and motivational style.

Brent has used his own knowledge of human potential and the mind to beat anxiety, drinking, drugs, cancer, and create a multi-million dollar brand.  

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